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Brooker Award

The Brooker Award is sponsored by Johnson Matthey plc, in memory of Harry Brooker who was instrumental in introducing low temperature silver brazing alloys into British industry in 1935. He became a Chief Executive and Managing Director of Johnson Matthey and promoted research with The Welding Institute during and after the Second World War on resistance welding of aluminium.

This award is made in recognition of the recipient's personal contribution to the science, technology and industrial exploitation of materials joining.

It recognises high industrial research or educational responsibility of a character which has beneficially influenced the advancement of materials joining technology.

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Recent winners include:

Guoqing Wang 2017
Norman Cooper 2016
Dr J Parker 2015
Eur Ing W M Thomas 2014
Professor S Gong 2013
Dr D Kotecki 2012
Professor R A Ainsworth 2009
Dr S J Maddox 2008
Professor J Knott 2007
Prof. Guoqing Wang
Brooker Award Winner