2018 Richard Dolby - Rolls-Royce Prize


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What is the Richard Dolby/Rolls-Royce Prize?

The Richard Dolby/Rolls-Royce prize is an award presented biennially by The Welding Institute’s Younger Members Committee (YMC). 

The cash prize (£1,000) will be awarded to any young person (under 35 years of age) that can demonstrate success in, and enthusiasm for, welding, joining and/or materials engineering at the early stage of their career.  The top three runners up in the competition will be awarded £100 gift vouchers for their commitment to the competition.

How is it judged?

The main part of the application will be a technical report (of no more than four A4 pages) on a subject related to welding, joining and/or materials engineering. If short-listed for the final, the candidate will then give a 20 minute presentation based on their project in front of a judging panel at TWI, when the winner will be selected.   The winner selected by the panel will be invited to attend the TWI Annual Dinner, where they will receive their prize and may also be invited to repeat their presentation at a subsequent TWI event.

How do I apply?

Applications for the Award are normally invited from June of the awarding year (e.g. 2017). Applications should consist of a completed Application Form, your CV and an abstract of approximately 500 words, and should be submitted by email to ymc@twi.co.uk by the closing date. The application deadline has now passed and no more applications will be accepted for 2018. If your abstract is successful you will be invited to proceed and submit the technical report, of no more than four A4 pages. 

Applicants short-listed for the final should be prepared to travel to TWI for the finals presentation event, usually at the end of February. Candidates will be required to present for 15-20 minutes on their subject and answer questions posed to them by the judging panel.

Those who are short listed for the final will receive more detailed instructions at that time.

Applicants will be responsible for their own travel arrangements although expenses may be reimbursed, subject to agreement.