YMC Local Representatives needed

YMC Representative's Needed!

The younger members committee (YMC) is currently recruiting a younger members representative (YMR) in your region.

The role of the YMC is to actively promote science and engineering to children and young adults, where possible highlighting welding and joining as possible career paths. The YMC are also trying to foster better relationships between the committee and the branches, and recruit more younger members to promote The Welding Institute. To achieve these goals the YMC will recruit a particular contact at each branch (YMR) so that information can flow efficiently between the committee and the members.

The main role of the YMR is to act as a liaison between the committee and the younger members of each branch, forwarding information and requesting feedback/ideas from younger members.

What we are aiming for is increasing the benefits of being a part of The Welding Institute to our younger members by getting them more involved in branch activities. In addition the YMR should ideally organise a minimum of one educational outreach activity per year in the branch region with support from the YMC.

We understand that our members are exceptionally busy people and that it may not always be possible to run a large event - therefore the event can be as large or as small as you want to make it.

  • Why not give a presentation about engineering at a local school?
  • Or invite local university students to your place of work for a tour?
  • Alternatively you can sign up to participate in one (or more) or the committee's events. 

If you are interested in taking on  the role of YMR in your area please contact us