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Code of Conduct and Ethical Principles

Code of Conduct and Ethical Principles

As a member of The Welding Institute, you will be expected to follow the institute’s Code of Conduct as well as acting in a way that abides by the Ethical Principles as laid out by Engineering Council.  All members confirm their continued commitment via the annual renewal of membership. 

It is vital for the respect of the profession that there is widespread commitment to a professional conduct and the Institute’s Code is aimed at defining such behavior in the engineering community. The Institute’s Code of Conduct can help members in defining what is expected of a professional technician or engineer and support them in pursuing an ethical approach when balancing the many, often conflicting, demands in today’s society. 

The Code of Conduct is reviewed regularly to ensure it remains fit for purpose in the current world of the engineering profession.

To view the Code of Conduct, click here.

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