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Membership Grades

Membership Grades

Membership of The Welding Institute offers an internationally recognised mark of attainment for engineers, technicians and others involved in welding, joining and related activities. The different membership grades reflect your current role, responsibilities and education.

There is a grade of membership to support you throughout your career, providing a professional status for life. Select the grade which matches your current role and responsibility and check the eligibility criteria under 'more information'.

Professional Membership Grades
Fellow    FWeldI
Member    MWeldI
Technician    TechWeldI


Fellow (FWeldI)
For personnel who have achieved significant career progression to a position of important responsibility related to welding/joining and have made a notable contribution to the technology.

Member (MWeldI)
An opportunity for candidates with the appropriate academic qualifications and experience to obtain Chartered Engineer status. Candidates will hold welding/joining responsibilities but not necessarily be welding/joining experts.

Technician (TechWeldI)
For technicians with the appropriate qualifications and experience who have also gained knowledge, understanding and experience of welding/joining, or an allied technology.

For more information on all the above grades click here.


Additional Membership Grades

                   Associate            AWeldI

Associate Membership (AWeldI)

Open for all those with an interest in welding and materials joining. Associate Membership provides a springboard to those in the engineering community, particularly those in joining and welding engineering, who aspire to professional membership and Engineering Council registration.

For many, Associate Membership is an open door to a professional journey of learning and discovery and is a stepping stone to the Professional Membership grades outlined above.

No formal welding qualifications are required for membership, just an innate passion for welding and joining. You may be engaged in a related industry, an engineering student or you’ve been taken by the welding bug while restoring a classic car…. or perhaps you’re a metal sculptor! Associates come from disparate backgrounds.