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Professional Development within welding and joining
Professional Development

Professional Development

Importance of Professional Development

Professional Development is a learning process aimed at continuous improvement and growth. It is taking on the responsibility for your own life-long learning which will be of benefit to you and your employer.

By planning and reflecting on your learning experiences you will accelerate your own personal development and advance your career.

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Benefits of Professional Development

For you:
  • more earning power

  • improved job performance and satisfaction
  • enhanced career development opportunities
For employers:
  • more capable, motivated staff
  • improved business performance
  • better recruitment, retention and deployment of staff

All our members are encouraged to take a structured approach to professional development. For example, for our Associate Members this could facilitate your progression to full Professional Membership

Examples of Professional Development

Professional Development can be related to your own working environment, whether it is in manufacturing industry, engineering or management, and may take the following forms:

Further education studies National Certificates and Diplomas, N/SVQs, Advanced Modern Apprenticeships, other recognised qualifications
Post qualification studies Higher Degrees, MA, MBA, MSc, MPhil, PhD, I/EWE, I/EWT, I/EWS
Distance learning The Open University (a recommended course list for routes to TWI membership grades is available)
Short courses Attendance at short courses and seminars organised by TWI and other professional institutions, employers’ in-house schemes, other short course providers
Imparting knowledge Making presentations, preparation of papers accepted for conferences and seminars, reparation of articles and reviews accepted for publication, coaching/teaching/lecturing
Conferences, symposia and exhibitions Attendance at conferences organised by TWI or by other professional institutions
Committee work TWI or other professional institutions or technical societies, other organisations’ committees


Attendance at Branch and Technical Group meetings organised by The Welding Institute or by other professional institutions, other recognised local meetings

Private study/self-directed learning Foreign languages, new skills, publications and learned journals relevant to an individual’s own particular field
Relevant voluntary work Assisting in schools, local government and community activities