The Welding Institute President, Steve Dearden

The Welding Institute President, Steve Dearden

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Steven Dearden joined the Royal Navy in September 1978 and following initial training at Dartmouth and at sea in HMS HERMES, he completed a BSc in Mechanical Engineering at the Royal Naval Engineering College, Plymouth.  Having completed nuclear training at the Royal Naval College Greenwich, he served at sea as a nuclear engineer in HMS SOVEREIGN.  In June 1988 he completed a MSc in electrical engineering.

Appointments to the MoD working in reactor design and development, and at sea in HMS TURBULENT and HMS TRIUMPH were separated by 15 months on the staff of Captain Sea and Shore Training (CSST) with responsibility for training submarine engineering crews.  He joined the Second Submarine Squadron as Squadron Deputy Chief Engineer in January 1996.  On promotion to Commander in December 1996 he took up the post of Training Commander in HMS SULTAN, with responsibility for Mechanics’ Career training, the Nuclear School and the move of the Department of Nuclear Science and Technology from Greenwich.  In September 1999 he joined the Ship Support Agency as Head of the Steam Propulsion Systems Design Authority.  Promotion to Captain in December 2001 ended a brief period as the Warship Support Agency’s nuclear attack submarine Class Manager, and saw a return to the MoD’s Nuclear Propulsion Project as the Head of Nuclear Propulsion Safety.  In September 2004 he was appointed to a 3 year tour in Washington DC, USA as the first UK Liaison Officer to the US Naval Nuclear Propulsion Programme, charged with establishing an enduring US/UK Technology exchange in support of the UK’s submarine nuclear propulsion programme and the Successor Deterrent in particular. Returning to the UK in late 2007 on promotion to Commodore, he took up the post of Director Nuclear Propulsion, with responsibility for the UK’s operating and future submarine nuclear reactor plant. He was appointed in Command of HM Naval Base Devonport, Plymouth in August 2010.

He resigned from the Royal Navy in July 2012 to pursue a second career and took up the position as the Director of Engineering and Technology within Rolls-Royce Submarines in October 2012.  In January 2015 he was appointed as the President of the Rolls-Royce Submarines business.