Welding Trailblazer Apprenticeship

Welding Trailblazer Apprenticeship

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Trailblazer Welding Apprenticeship



Following the government’s report ‘The Future of Apprenticeships in England’, The Welding Institute proposed to co-ordinate, design and deliver a welding apprenticeships trailblazer, working with a number of companies to support the transformation of apprenticeship standards in England. 

The Welding Institute has worked with employers to increase the quality of apprenticeships and create a standardised approach across England. 

Apprenticeship Standards for Levels 2 and 3 were submitted in May 2015 and Assessment Plans in January 2016, both of which have been accepted and published by the UK Government's Business, Innovation and Skills Unit (BIS).

Two new apprenticeships will be available from September 2017:

General Welder (Level 2) (Arc Processes)

Multi-Positional Welder (Level 3) (Arc Processes)

Both industry-led training programmes these apprenticeships will benefit employers and learners alike 

  • Employer-focused schemes guarantee relevance of skills to the workplace
  • Increasing skills to boost business capability
  • Includes mandatory, off-the-job, high-quality trade related training
  • Recognised welder approval qualifications to ISO9606, ASME IX Standards
  • Rigorous end point assessments to demonstrate comp


If your company or a nominated representative wishes to and are able to provide support to the Welding Trailblazer, please contact us for further information.