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Professional Networking Opportunities

Why use professional networks?

Professional networking is about making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships. It can be a powerful tool, introducing you to a world of new contacts and new opportunities.

Networking can benefit you by offering opportunities to:

Develop your career – meeting people outside of your day to day employment/study environment which may help you to enhance and build your profile to progress in your career. 

Collaborate - talk about cross discipline products and projects - leads to enabling cross or interdisciplinary collaboration. 

Reciprocate - if you build contacts and help contacts they'll be motivated to assist or find someone who can when you need a favour 

Meet new people -  networking is a great way to meet like minded people 

The Welding Institute offers many ways through which you can network. 
Face-to-face locally
Branch activities provide members with invaluable opportunities to build their professional and social networks locally. Find out more about our Branches

We run a wide range of industry specific Events including conferences, lectures, webinars as well as a series of Technical Groups which offer the opportunity to form business relationships and share information. Find out more about our extensive list of Events
You make a real difference by contributing to the Institute and industry when you Volunteer and you will gain a lot out of the experience yourself. Volunteering will enhance your CV because it provides opportunities in many diverse professional activities which enables you to learn and do things that you might not normally get the chance to whilst building long lasting friendships with other volunteers. Find out more about The Welding Institute's Volunteering opportunities

Younger Members
We have a Younger Members network (under 35's) facilitated by our Younger Members Committee (YMC). The network is centred on facilitating STEM activities and education to encourage children and young people; from primary school to university, to discover careers in welding and joining technologies. Find out more about our Younger Members Network

Tipper Group
The Tipper Group provides events and networking opportunities to support and inspire female engineers in welding, joining and associated technologies. To find out more about Tipper group events and activities contact The Institute for more information. 
As well as face-to-face networking, you can also make new contacts online by contributing to online webinars and social media forums set up by the Institute. Find out more about our online Global Network