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 (In memory of Bevan Braithwaite)

The Enterprise award in memory of Bevan Braithwaite was introduced in 2008 and is made in recognition of the recipient's enterprise to the benefit of welding and joining.

It recognises enthusiastic and passionate promotion of a vision, and strategic drive to cause that vision to become a successful reality. A positive thinker and a decision-maker, the recipient will have shown persistence and determination in the face of challenges, and will have been innovative and resourceful in managing risks and persuading others to take advantage of opportunities to start new organisations or revitalise existing organisations.

Enterprising activities may be substantially different depending on the type of organization and sphere of influence. They may range from solo projects to major undertakings and may benefit welding and joining in a variety of ways, including; development of new markets, discovery of new sources of materials, mobilisation of capital resources, introduction of new technologies, creation of employment, and generation of economic growth.

To apply or make a nomination for the award, please click here.

Recent winners include:

Sam Leon 2017
T Waller 2015
T J Palmer 2014
A Khalid 2013
Professor John Irven 2012
Dr A Hornell 2009
Dr J G Garland 2008
Sam Leon
Bevan Braithwaite Award Winner