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Diversity and Inclusion

The Welding Institute is a firm supporter of diversity and inclusion and encourages equality for all

• On the 14th May 2015 the Welding Institute became a supporter and signatory of the Royal Academy of Engineering Diversity in Engineering Concordat.  

• On the 23 June 2016 The Welding Institute hosted a ‘Women in Engineering Day’ and this event enabled the formation of The Tipper Group.

 • In September 2017 The Welding Institute took part in the Professional Engineering Institution (PEI) and Science Council Benchmarking Exercise and presented these findings to TWI Council.  See the outcomes of this exercise in the 2017 report

• We are currently working to develop a strong, positive mission message to make diversity and inclusion a core Institute objective. We will involve all stakeholders in developing the strategy, and ensure we have a clear idea about the future of the organisation in relation to diversity and inclusion, and diversity goals and aspirations. 

• We are currently undertaking a further gap analysis by evaluating our organisation against this vision and we will use this to identify priorities and build strategies to address them.

• We aim to improve data collection to enhance our knowledge of statistics in membership

• We are working to improve minority and gender representation on our boards and committees 

• We are working to ensure all promotional materials are inclusive and will roll out this message to our volunteers and members

• We are creating case studies that focus on the diverse aspects of engineering and the individuals working within it.  

• We have been working with Schools Colleges and Universities to promote STEM through the YMC and branch network since 2010 and will continue to grow and maximise this activity 

• We have a designated diversity and inclusion champion

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