The Welding Institute

Application and Subscription Fees

Application Fees 2024

The Welding Institute 
Fellow (FWeldI)  £230.00
Member (MWeldI)  £230.00
Technician (TechWeldI) £173.00
or… Membership Application Transfer fee (existing Professional Members only)  £89.00
   The above application fees include annual subscription fees for 12 months  


Additional Fees (if applicable)  
Individual Route fee (Academic Review only) £147.00
Individual Route fee (Learning Outcomes/Report option)  £294.00
N.B If you are applying for membership via the Individual Route, The Welding Institute will determine which of the above fees is required based on your application and supporting evidence.  


Engineering Council Entry** Annual 
Chartered Engineer (CEng) £59.70 £45.91
Incorporated Engineer (IEng) £50.40 £38.96
Engineering Technician (EngTech) £20.66 £22.34
Interim Chartered Engineer
£12.24 £16.40
Interim Incorporated Engineer
£12.24 £16.40
Engineering Council fees will be due at the time of award of Professional Membership ** N.B. Entry fees are payable on entry to each grade.


Subscription Fees 2024/25

(reduced/retired fees available on application)

Professional Membership
Fellow (FWeldI) £254.00  £77.00
Senior Member (Legacy) (SenMWeldI) £239.00  £77.00
Member (MWeldI) £231.00  £77.00
Technician (TechWeldI) £140.00  £77.00
Associate with Interim Registration (AWeldI) £140.00  £77.00


Associate Membership

Associate(AWeldI)£140.00 £77.00
Associate Student (AWeldI) Free

Covering course duration up to a maximum of five years

AWFTE Membership Annual Retired

College/training organisations 
(includes complimentary AWeldI for up to 3 nominated representatives)
£349.70 + VAT


 AWFTE Lecturer £85.00  N/A


Engineering Council Annual Retired 
Chartered Engineer (CEng) £45.91 £20.76
Incorporated Engineer (IEng) £38.96 £17.28
Engineering Technician (EngTech) £22.34 £ 9.90
Interim Chartered Engineer N/A £16.40  N/A
Interim Incorporated Engineer N/A £16.40


Reduced fees for altered financial circumstances

The Welding Institute is here to help should you find yourself in altered financial circumstances. You may qualify for a reduced subscription if any of the following situations apply to you:

  • Financial hardship due to redundancy etc
  • Currently on maternity or paternity leave
  • Taking a break from work to care for a relative
  • Taking a break from work due to an illness

For more information, please contact us on +44 (0)1223 899000 or

The Welding Institute

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