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Structural integrity assessment (also termed Fitness for Service (FFS) assessment) encompasses many disciplines from materials testing through to sophisticated engineering analyses. Engineers working in this area must deal with the many uncertainties which in turn lead to discussion and some controversy.

Whilst great strides have been made in formalising structural integrity assessment procedures those involved recognise there remains a great deal to understand in executing assessment methods and these continue to develop. This Technical Group strives to satisfy all from those hoping to learn more about the basics through to advanced practitioners looking to keep up with recent developments.

The Structural Integrity Technical Group invites the participation of all those involved in industrial sectors where high integrity is required and structural integrity assessment methods are applied. Examples include the oil and gas, nuclear power and advanced structural sectors. All involved are welcome from those applying structural integrity assessment as part of their portfolio of responsibilities to assessment specialists and academics working on the development of assessment methods and those involved in relevant research.

Presentations encompass all aspects of structural integrity from theoretical developments, the introduction and interpretation of assessment methodologies and standards, through to highly practical experience dealing with their applicability and reliability.

Meet the Chair

EUR ING David Reeves FWeldI

David Reeves is the Chair of the Technical Group. David has over 30 years’ experience working in onshore and offshore construction, heavy engineering, and nuclear industries. He started his career with Whessoe Heavy Engineering Ltd in 1976 as a technical apprentice, progressing to Senior Welding Engineer for Onshore Construction in 1985. Since 1991 David has worked in Offshore Oil and Gas occupying a variety of roles for installation contractors, engineering companies and operators.

In all these roles, he has been active in developing weld flaw acceptance criteria for pipelines and steel catenary risers using his knowledge of welding, NDT and engineering critical assessment. He is currently working for Saipem Romania as a Senior Welding Coordinator. As an active volunteer with The Welding Institute David sits on both MERC and the Professional Board as well as being a member for the editorial panel for Welding and Joining Matters.

Assisted by

Dr Isabel Hadley CEng, Eur Ing, FWeldI

Isabel is a Technology Fellow, recently semi-retired from TWI. Her work focuses on the development of analytical flaw assessment techniques, and their application to safety-critical welded structures and pressure equipment. She has a particular involvement in the development and validation of structural integrity procedures and standards such as:

  • BS 7910 (UK flaw assessment procedure); Chair of the committee, 2008-2021
  • R6 (UK nuclear assessment procedure); member of the panel
  • FITNET (European fitness-for-service procedure); co-author.

She is also Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor in Integrity Management at the University of Bristol, as part of an initiative to transfer industrial know-how to engineering undergraduates.

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Forthcoming events

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Some of our previous events

  • Back-to-Basics: Engineering Critical Assessment 

  • Probabilistic aspects of structural integrity defect assessments

  • Finite Elements in Fracture Mechanics and flaw assessments
  • Sour Gas Corrosion Fatigue
  • Optimising inspection techniques for weld flaw assessments, 11th Oct, Abington.
  • Constraint Effects in Fracture
  • Latest Developments in Fitness for Service Procedures in BS7910, R6, and ASME/API579
  • Weld Flaw Acceptance Criteria for New Pipelines

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

The Welding Institute awards points towards CPD for delegates attending a webinar. Every hour's attendance of an event will earn 2 points towards your continuing professional development.

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