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Offshore energy plays a significant role within today’s society and our everyday lives, with a huge installed infrastructure for exploration of hydrocarbon resources and generation of electricity, mainly from wind. Not only is there the need for integrity management of the existing infrastructure, but also an ambitious target for expansion of capacity, especially in the renewable sector. The EU alone has a target of increasing its offshore wind energy generation by 25 times the installed capacity of 14.6GW (2021) by 2030, with the UK set to reach 50GW.

Attendance at our Offshore Energy Technical Group meetings allows you to access knowledge on topics including materials, joining, design, fabrication, standardisation and non-destructive testing and inspection of a wide range of assets such as offshore wind-farms and substation platforms, offshore platform structures and topsides, pipelines, subsea installations, as well as tidal/wave power installations.

Meet the TG4 Chair

Dr Marcio Milititsky, CEng, IWE 

Currently the Technical Authority for Materials, Welding and Corrosion for SSE Renewables, Marcio has had a varied career spanning engineering consultancy, upstream and downstream oil and gas and automotive experience.

With a balance of fundamental materials knowledge and practical industry experience in areas of materials, fabrication, welding, corrosion, integrity management, maintenance practices and quality, Marcio has had a lead role in these areas in the integrity management and maintenance of ageing assets, design and fabrication of new components and facilities as well as failure investigation and material characterisation, with special interest in the correlation of microstructures with material properties.

Forthcoming events

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Can't make it on the day?

If you can't join us on the day, you can still access the recording of the webinar and the presentation by registering ahead of the event.

Some of our previous events

  • Approach to Inspection of Ageing Plant in Late Life and Life Extension Phases

  • Advances in Offshore Pipeline Repair

  • Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection in the Offshore Energy Industry

  • Alloy Materials in Offshore Testing Challenges

  • Metallurgical requirements for the safe operation of pipework

  • Welding and Materials Challenges for Subsea Equipment

  • Structural Integrity and Performance of Wind Turbine Blades (Onshore and Offshore)

  • Wind Tower Generator Structures Fabrication Technologies and Quality

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
The Welding Institute awards points towards CPD for delegates attending this webinar. Every hour's attendance of an event will earn 2 points towards your continuing professional development.

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