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Fellow Membership (FWeldI)

Fellow membership of The Welding Institute is reserved for esteemed professionals with substantial experience in welding, joining or allied technologies. This level of membership is normally awarded in recognition of an individual’s standing as a Professional Engineer and their personal contributions within the engineering community. It is unlikely that anyone will have made the necessary contribution within a working career of less than 10 years. Applicants will be required to demonstrate their learning, achievements and recognition through building a case based on their professional contributions consisting of between 500 and 1000 words relating to at least one of the following criteria:

    Has achieved an established and enhanced reputation in the field of welding, joining or an allied technology. Supporting evidence might include:

    Academic qualifications and/or records of substantial experiential learning

    Development of novel equipment or technology and/or named on relevant patents

    Publication of a body of work through peer reviewed academic papers and associated citations

    Invitations to chair conference sessions or give keynote presentations

    Relevant expert witness work

    Has been the senior level manager of projects and/or engineers within the field of welding, joining or an allied technology, and achieved consistent quality and business success. Supporting evidence might include:

    Led and delivered projects involving multiple stakeholders, large budgets and/or national significance

    Commercial and/or technical success and growth of departments under your direct management

    Consistent development and achievements of subordinate staff

    Has acted to support the provision of an enthusiastic and qualified workforce for industries related to welding, joining or allied technologies. Supporting evidence might include:

    Development and delivery of relevant teaching or training courses

    Excellence in teaching or lecturing through the successful graduation of students

    Leading and developing nationally recognised outreach activities

    Providing extensive professional guidance via mentoring and /or coaching

    Has made significant contributions to the enhancement of the professional welding, joining or allied technologies community. Supporting evidence might include:

    Chairing or long-service membership of a relevant engineering Institute Committee. This may include exceptional service to The Welding Institute and its outreach community, e.g. branch activity

    Volunteering as a professional review interviewer, based on length of service or number of PRIs

    Contribution to Standards development through, for instance, BSI, ISO, ASME or IIW

    The above requirements for the grade of Fellowship are for the first stage of the review process. The eventual award of Fellowship is based both on a review of this initial submission as well as a subsequent interview process addressing both the requirements above as well as the candidate's overall career. 

    Applicants may submit additional evidence in categories not specifically addressed above where they consider this relevant to their application.

    Applicants must be able to demonstrate their commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) with particular emphasis on learning outcomes.

    Applications for direct entry to Fellow grade are accepted at the discretion of the Membership Committee. This may include Fellows of other Engineering Council registered Institutions with relevant experience in welding and allied technologies.

    All applications should be accompanied by references from two Fellows of The Welding Institute or other sponsors of equal standing in the profession. It is important that sponsors satisfy themselves that the applicant meets the requirements for Fellow. The Membership Committee reserves the right to request further references.

    All applications are considered by the Membership Committee and applicants should expect to attend a Professional Review Interview conducted by two Fellows of the Institute.

    To apply, please submit your case justifying your contribution (based on the criteria mentioned above), along with the Fellow application form, your current CV, and details of your referees

    If you believe you qualify for Fellow membership and would like to attain a prestigious professional status respected throughout industry, you can apply to become a Fellow online or contact the Membership Office to receive relevant Application Form.

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