The Welding Institute

South Western Branch

Upcoming events

Committees and Officers

Region Position Name
South Western PresidentMr Will Hanford MWeldI 
South Western Chair

Mr Hugh J McPhillips IEng MWeldI

South Western Vice Chair

Mr Colin Hewes AWeldI

South Western Treasurer

Mr Miles Goodwin TechWeldI EngTech

South Western Secretary

Mr Miles Goodwin TechWeldI EngTech

South Western Contact

South Western

Programme Secretary

Mr Carl Lavis I Eng MWeldI

South Western Young Members Rep (South Western)Darren Reski AWeldI
South Western Young Members Rep (South Wales) Sean Evans CEng MWeldI 
South Western Branch Management Committee RepMr Hugh McPhillips IEng MWeldI
South Western Women's Representative

Ms Sharon Jarvis AWeldI

South Western Committee Member

Mr Adam Storey MEng CEng MWeldI 

South Western Committee Member

Mr Andy Wilby CEng SenMWeldI

South Western Committee Member Mr David Harvey AWeldI
South Western Committee MemberMr John Haines CEng MWeldI EWE
South Western Committee Member Mr Leonardo Serodio 
South Western  Committee MemberMr Nick Clark AWeldI BEng

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