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COMMITTEE MEMBER ROLE (Membership, Education and Registration Committee)

The Welding Institute is licensed by Engineering Council to assess candidates for professional registration, to accredit courses and approve qualifications. This work is undertaken by the Membership, Education and Registration Committee (MERC). MERC is also required to act as the Board of Examiners for international qualifications as defined by the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and European Welding Federation (EWF). MERC reports to the Professional Board and acts on its behalf, setting out the requirements for Professional Membership, reporting on matters relating to education, training, qualifications and vocational standards for all grades.

All this work is done by our volunteer committee members.

Person Specification

Members of the Membership, Education and Registration Committee will have….

  • Experience of contributing constructively to committee meetings
  • Ability to objectively and impartially represent The Welding Institute’s aims and objectives
  • Good verbal communication and interpersonal skills
  • Experience of coaching, mentoring, training and developing staff
  • Ability to use and to have access to video conferencing and electronic document management technology.
  • A willingness to take the initiative as required
  • Understanding of the work of the Welding Institute’s committees and panels

    Summary of Main Duties and Responsibilities

    Members of the Membership, Education and Registration Committee oversee the Institute’s work on professional membership, education and registration. Assessing and approving applications from our members. Committee members have practical and significant work place experience in engineering, an understanding of the role and function of partner organisations e.g. Engineering Council, and an understanding of the application, evaluation and auditing techniques in relation to professional development.

    • To ensure meetings are well supported and attended
    • To engage actively and constructively in the objectives of the committee to progress the work of the committee
    • To support other committee members in the execution of their duties
    • To respond promptly and fully to requests for information from Committee officers in order to support the efficient running of meetings
    • To champion recruitment to and retention of members of The Welding Institute

    Time Commitment

    MERC meets 4 times a year, in person and online

    Benefits of Volunteering

    This role provides continuing professional development opportunities through the development of:

    • Continuing professional development including project and personal management skills
    • Acquisition of transferable skills
    • Development of job knowledge
    • Opportunities to develop contacts and expand personal networks

    How to Apply

    Expressions of interest along with a CV and covering letter outlining what the applicant can bring to the role, should be made in writing (email) to the Professional Membership Team at by the 12th July 2024.

    For further information, please refer to the full person specification and the advert, or email

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