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Michael Vaughan EngTech TechWeldI, Offshore Operations, Maersk Drilling. Following two decades of industrial experience, Michael Vaughan decided that it was time to gain his professional membership and registration at The Welding Institute as a Technician and Engineering Technician (TechWeldI EngTech). While he had trained as a mechanical fitter, fabricator, coded pipe welder and commercial diver, Michael felt it was time to clarify and validate his knowledge and experience with ‘the world’s leading recognised Institute,’ adding, ‘I also wanted to be part of an organisation who shares ideas and knowledge openly and professionally.’

Currently working as an offshore in a variety of roles with Maersk Drilling, Michael has come a long way since he started out as an apprentice mechanical fitter / fabricator repairing boats in Baltimore, a small fishing village in southwest Ireland. However, TechWeldI EngTech is his first experience of gaining a professional membership and he searched The Welding Institute website for instructions before reaching out and contacting The Welding Institute staff for advice. 

That said, Michael also received plenty of support from his employer who was not only ‘very supportive’ but also ‘available at all times.’ Michael also noted that ‘the continued professionalism and guidance throughout the whole application process from The Welding Institute staff was invaluable to successful and smooth recognition and registration.’

Not only did Michael build on his years of experience, but he had also undertaken military diver education, short and specific industry courses, and two national apprenticeships. His breadth of experience and existing qualifications enabled him to gain his TechWeldI EngTech through a process that took around 5-6 months to complete. 

Michael admitted that the process was more difficult and challenging than he expected, although this was, he explained, ‘in a very positive and rewarding way, in that nothing was taken for granted and only assured me of the importance and seriousness of professional recognition.’

However, despite the challenge, Michael was certain in stating that professional registration is ‘a must,’ adding, ‘seeking out to become a Professional Member of The Welding Institute only confirms your commitment and seriousness to your career goals. The importance in today’s ever changing market of clarifying your experience with a professional body is a necessity and appreciated by employers. Having life experience in an engineering discipline is vital, but it also requires clarification through a globally respected Institution. Employers will professionally respect you for this.’

His registration not only shows dedication, seriousness and a commitment to his profession, but Michael says it is also ‘an important milestone in development for anyone seeking professional registration and opens many opportunities for individuals’ worldwide career goals. This is also important for employers who can see that I took the decision to seek professional membership registration [and] know that I am genuine and committed to what I do.’

Michael’s TechWeldI EngTech has also offered benefits to his employer, who can show that their staff meet or exceed the required competences needed to guarantee safe and professional services. He noted, ‘When my employer seeks out new tender contracts they can promote their units with qualifications industry respects and recognises globally.’

Having finally built on his decades of experience, Michael is already planning his next steps, saying, ‘I plan over the coming years to attain certification in CSWIP 3.1 & 3.2 Welding Inspection certification. Plant inspections, [and] to work within project support and quality management to guarantee the required standards are always delivered to clients and customers.’ While remaining up-to-date with industry standards and procedures, it is obvious that Michael is keen to continue his professional advancement.

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