The Welding Institute

North Scottish Branch

Committees and Officers

Region Position Name
North Scottish Chair

Brian Bell FWeldI CEng

North Scottish Vice Chair

Craig Cooper AWeldI

North Scottish Treasurer

Ramesh Babu Kanuppa Mohan CEng SenMWeldI

North Scottish Contact

North Scottish Secretary & liaison with IoM3/SAM

Jonathan Smuga AWeldI

North Scottish Branch Management Committee Rep

Mark Bragg MWeldI CEng

North Scottish Branch Management Committee Rep

Ramesh Babu Kanuppa Mohan SenMWeldI

North Scottish

Younger Members Rep


North Scottish Liaison with IMechE

Alexey Yasinskiy MWeldI

North ScottishDevelopment OfficerSteve Smith MWeldI CEng
North Scottish Committee Member Bryn Roberts  MWeldI CEng
North Scottish Committee Member Ross Jackson CEng MIMechE AWeldI 
North Scottish Committee MemberStephen Anarah AWeldI 
North Scottish Committee Member Constantin Tudora AWeldI 
North Scottish Honorary Member

Dr Alan T Smith MWeldI CEng

North Scottish Honorary Member

Dr J Andrew Nowicki FWeldI CEng

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