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Volunteering: Gaining while giving! 

What is a volunteer? What is the value of volunteering? Volunteering is about giving, contributing and helping other individuals and the community. It means working with others to make a meaningful contribution to a better community. Volunteering also provides and opportunity for personal development. Learning and developing new skills e.g. interviewing, managing, public speaking, meeting new people, expanding technical knowledge and contacts. 

Our volunteers do so for a variety of reasons; to gain experience, keep up to date with technological advances, acquire new skills, meet new people, expand their networks, get a new job or keep in touch with colleagues.  Others just want to give back to their community, help a colleague or promote a worthwhile activity.

Volunteering is recognised by The Welding Institute and the Engineering Council as a form of evidence of Continued Professional Development (CPD).

So ….what part can volunteers play?

Volunteers are all Members of The Welding Institute who voluntarily take on roles within and beyond the Institute to promote and develop core aims and business. There are many aspects to volunteering, including:

    • Taking on the role of a professional review assessor
    • Getting involved with applications for professional registration
    • Contributing to government consultations
    • Assisting in assessments for awarding qualifications
    • Promoting welding and joining activities in schools, colleges, universities and places of employment
    • Helping to organise meetings and events for your local branch
    • Sitting on one of the Welding Institute's boards, committees or Council
    • Submitting editorial to our journal
    • Speaking at local branch meetings

The Institute has a small team to support voluntary activities but without our committed volunteers around the globe, the Institute would simply not function - the Institute needs you!

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