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The Welding Institute can work with colleges and training providers to approve engineering programmes against the Engineering Council’s Approval and Accreditation of Qualifications and Apprenticeships (AAQA) standard.

Gaining approval for engineering qualifications, training programmes and apprenticeships demonstrates both nationally and internationally that they meet the high standard of UK engineering education and development. It also allows for colleges and training providers to review and benchmark their programmes, and to develop excellence in delivery and content.

Approval of a programme attests to its content, meaning the overall design, depth and range of coverage, and validity and reliability of the assessment of the learner. Approval is used to recognise the underpinning knowledge and understanding covered by a programme, and can also be used to recognise the development of competence.

Engineering employers and academics are involved in setting the standards, reviewing programmes and deciding whether to award approval.

What are the benefits of approval?

Benefits to your students

Assurance that the qualification, training course or apprenticeship programme meets the high standards set by the engineering profession.

Assurance that the programme meets the current and future needs of employers.

Completing an approved programme is the first step towards professional registration, as it provides a structured pathway to professional registration as an Engineering Technician (EngTech) status.

Benefits to your institution

External confirmation of the institution’s reputation as a provider of quality engineering education

A benchmark against internationally respected standards

A key marketing tool when recruiting students, as approval demonstrates they will be equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills that will support them in making the transition from education to the workplace.

Improved employability for your students

Benefits to the engineering industry

Provides assurance to employers that students will be equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills needed in their business.

What is the approval process?

Colleges and training providers who are new to the approval process should first make contact with The Welding Institute to talk through the Approvals process and the qualification/apprenticeship being considered for approval. The Welding Institute will then offer guidance throughout the approval submission and assessment process to ensure the approval submission meets the approval requirements.

You can learn more by reading our approval guidance document here.

Become an Qualification & Apprenticeship Approval Assessor?

If you would be interested in supporting The Welding Institute in conducting approval activities, you can become a Qualification and  Apprenticeship Approval Assessor. You can learn more here.

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