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Teesside Branch

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Committees and Officers

Region Position Name
Teesside President

Mr Don Atkinson Tech WeldI Eng Tech

Teesside Chair

Mr Vince Dawkins CEng MWeldI

TeessideVice ChairMr Kevin Dunn AWeldI
Teesside Treasurer

Mr Paul George CEng MWeldI

Teesside Contact

Teesside Secretary


Teesside Programme Secretary

Mr Neil Fowler Tech WeldI Eng Tech

Teesside Journal Secretary


Teesside Social Secretary

Mr Matt Holtby MEng CEng MWeldI

Teesside Branch Management Committee Rep

Mr Don Atkinson Tech WeldI Eng Tech

Teesside Younger Members Committee Rep

Mr Callum Pennock

Teesside Committee Member

Mr John W Brampton IEng MWeldI

Teesside Committee Member

Mr Peter Lyons MWeldI IEng

TeessideCommittee MemberMr Lee Melvin CEng BEng, CIWE CEWE MWELDI
TeessideCommittee MemberMr Lee Gordon CEng MWeld I, C-IWE, C-EWE 
TeessideCommittee MemberMr Darren Donnison Msc CEng MWeldI 
TeessideCommittee MemberMr Colin Galbraith (Retired) 
TeessideCommittee MemberMr Russell Sadler AWeldI 
Teesside Committee MemberMr Antony Wray AWeldI

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