Library and Information Services

Members of The Welding Institute are able to access the following resources:

TWI’s Technical Library – when on site at TWI Ltd, you can visit our library to access books, reports, journals, standards, conference proceedings, and publications. 

TWI’s e-library – this allows you to access content from TWI’s Technical Library online/in a digital format.

TWI Technical Knowledge – you can access technical knowledge directly through TWI’s global website.

TWI’s Newsletter Connect+ - this is a quarterly online publication that looks at research developments, international project work and other industry-related topics.

Welding and Cutting App – this is a bi-monthly international journal for welding and engineering. It includes reports from industry, science and the practice of the welding technology sector. Click here to view how download and use the app.

TWI’s Weldasearch – a database of over 200,000 abstracts on welding, joining and allied technologies.

Technical Enquiry Service – provides advice for your enquiries in welding, engineering, manufacturing and associated technologies.

International Institute of Welding (IIW) – an international scientific and engineering body for welding and related technologies. Members gain access to the resources that IIW offer. 

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