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Cathodic Protection - TWI Training and Examinations

Cathodic protection is an important method for mitigating the corrosion of metal surfaces. TWI Training and Examinations offer courses suited to engineers, technicians or operators who require knowledge of cathodic protection techniques. 

Cathodic protection is a technique applied mainly in the marine industry sector, including for steel and fuel pipelines, floating production storage and offloading vessels (FPS and FPSOs), and offshore wind turbines. 

The training courses that TWI Training and Examinations offer:

CSWIP Cathodic Protection - Level 1 – this course is for anyone who has a suitable practical background in electricity, corrosion technology or engineering. 

CSWIP Cathodic Protection - Level 2 – the level two course teaches cathodic protection at a more extensive theoretic and practical knowledge level.

CSWIP Cathodic Protection - Level 3 – this course builds on the knowledge of levels one and two, but is more suited to experienced cathodic protection personnel that are required to recognise and solve more complex system operating problems. 

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As an engineer, technician or operator responsible for aspects of cathodic protection, it is important for you to carry out training courses that evidence your knowledge and experience. By becoming a Member of The Welding Institute, we facilitate the opportunity to demonstrate and showcase this evidence to employers and clients through our membership benefits. Our membership benefits are as follows:

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