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Engineering Membership – Engineering Association Memberships and Professional Registration

What are Professional Engineering Institutions (PEI’s)?

Professional Engineering Institutions (also referred to as professional bodies) are organisations that hold the membership of engineering personnel and offer the opportunity to professionally register their members with the Engineering Council. The Welding Institute is a professional engineering institute that facilitates this professional registration process through the assessment our professional engineer/technician Members as candidates.

What is Professional Registration?

Members of Professional Engineering Institutions are able to become professionally registered with the Engineering Council to gain the internationally recognised titles; Engineering Technician (EngTech); Incorporated Engineer (IEng) and Chartered Engineer (CEng). The Engineering Council holds the national registers of more than 220,000 Engineering Technicians (EngTech), Incorporated Engineers (IEng) and Chartered Engineers (CEng).

Benefits of Professional Engineering Membership

Becoming a Member of The Welding Institute gives you access to all of our membership benefits including TWI Ltd’s technical knowledge across multiple industry sectors!

Other benefits of membership include:

Expert advice, career development, professional development and access to supportive networks including our regional branches!

What is an Engineering Professional?

Engineers are responsible for applying science and maths to produce solutions to technical problems. Their roles and responsibilities vary depending on their specialist area and the industry that they work in.

IEng or CEng?

The main factor that differentiates Incorporated Engineers (IEng) from Chartered Engineers (CEng) are the roles that they each carry out:

Incorporated Engineers (IEng) are involved in design, manufacture and construction, and carry out their technical and commercial management skills within their work.

Chartered Engineers (CEng) develop solutions to engineering problems through designing new technologies, producing and implementing efficient construction or production techniques, as well as promoting new engineering designs and methods.

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Membership of The Welding Institute

If you are interested in becoming a member of a Professional Engineering Institution and would like to further your career, check out our membership benefits and apply to be a Member of The Welding Institute here!

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