Young Engineer Award


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The Welding Institute

Young Engineer Award

 (In memory of Leslie Lidstone)

The Young Engineer Award, is awarded annually to the person under 40 years of age who is deemed to have made the most significant contribution, not associated with the manufacture and supply of welding consumables and equipment, to the advancement of welding technology during the period of five years preceding the year of the award.

The Award was introduced by ESAB on the retirement of Leslie Lidstone, Managing Director of ESAB (UK). During his career he contributed significantly to the welding industry in UK and Sweden.

To apply or make a nomination for the award, please click here. 

Recent winners include:

Tariq A. Al-Ghamdi 2018
Tyler London 2018
Andrew Low 2017
Tat-Hean Gan 2016 
S Smith 2015
Dr J Blackburn 2013
S P Raghunathan 2012
Dr P L Moore 2009
Professor M Fitzpatrick 2008
Dr M J Russell 2007
Andrew Low
Lidstone Award Winner