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Joining Processes Technical Group Meeting 2021 – ‘Welding and Repair of High Temperature Plant’

19 Mar 2021 9:00 AM | Anonymous

The Welding Institute’s Joining Processes Technical Group successfully hosted its first Technical Group Meeting online this week, with the overall event looking at ‘Welding and Repair of High Temperature Plant.’ The online event was hosted over one morning with guest speakers from industry delivering in-depth presentations to a global audience, including from France, Sweden, Australia, Malaysia, South Africa and Norway, to name a few!

Overview of the event:

  • Welding and Repair Strategies for High Temperature Plant
  • Electro Slag Cladding – Past, Present and Future
  • Trailblazers - New Apprenticeship Standards for Welding
  • Repair of High-Temperature Plant / Case Study to Solve a Difficult Repair or Replacement Problem
  • P/T91/92 OR ASME ISO Specifications
  • Q&A Session with Speakers

About the Speakers and the Event:

Professor Scott Lockyer

Technical Head, Materials and Corrosion - Uniper Technologies Limited

Professor Scott Lockyer is Technical Head of Materials and Corrosion at Uniper Technologies Limited’s (UTG) Integrity and Inspection Solutions department. Scott’s role involves providing technical leadership and oversight of materials activities such as R&D, failure investigation and component life assessment. Scott joined UTG in 2005 following technical management and principal engineer roles in a number of engineering consultancies, including TWI Ltd. Prior to this, Scott was a Research Fellow in the Department of Materials at Oxford University. Scott holds a degree in Metallurgy and Materials Science and a PhD in Metallurgy from the University of Liverpool. He was also appointed Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor in Advanced Materials at Loughborough University from 2013-2017 and has subsequently continued in this post.

Scott’s presentation was titled, ‘Welding and Repair of High Temperature Plant,’ which looked into multiple case studies, including IBN1 (MarBN) steel and IBN1 (MarBN) steel matching consumable, steam conditioning valve, high pressure steam pipework, high pressure steam chest (turbine valve) drain, grade 91 outlet manifold branches and T24 membrane wall tubes. This was followed by conclusions, which looked into the repair options for high temperature plant and additionally the conditions under which all repairs should be subject.

Neil Bennett (SenMWeldI CEng)

Head of Welding Engineering - Doosan Babcock

With over 35 years’ experience in welding and welding engineering and over 20 years of this time being spent on power generation plant, Neil is currently Head of Welding Engineering, Responsible Welding Coordinator (in accordance with ISO 3834-2) and Global Construction Welding Technical Authority at Doosan Babcock. He provides governance to both UK and overseas based operational sites in power generation, petrochemical, nuclear and process sectors. Neil is also engaged in developing novel solutions to repair of ageing plant, especially nuclear and process/gas plant, additionally providing support in the construction of the new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point.

Neil’s presentation looked at the, ‘Replacement of Spun Cast Ni/Cr Alloy Pipework in Process Gas Heaters.’ The presentation began with an introduction into process gas heaters, continuing on to look at the reasons for the use of spun cast alloys, and the reasons for replacement and potential problems faced, followed by an exploration of possible solutions and concluding with a final look at the outcomes and conclusions and a look into the future of work within this area.

Marcello Consonni (FWeldI CEng)

Principal Project Leader – Arcs Welding - TWI

Marcello joined TWI in 2006, working in the Fracture Integrity and Arc Welding sections, after a four-year experience as a metallurgist/welding engineer with a pressure vessel manufacturer. Marcello holds a MEng in Materials Engineering from Politecnico in Milan. He specialises in welding engineering consultancy, support with the application of welding codes and standards and welding of high-temperature materials. He has published over ten peer-reviewed publications and conference papers and actively participates in many national and international codes and standards committees, including those covering the ISO 15614 and ISO 9606 series, ASME BPVC Section and Afcen committees.

Marcello’s presentation looked at, ‘Recent and Upcoming Code Changes,’ where he looked into P/T91/92 OR ASME ISO specifications.

Michael Skyrme (FWeldI CEng)

Welding Engineering Manager - BAE Systems - Maritime Submarines

Mike is currently the Welding Engineering Manager for BAE Systems - Maritime Submarines, based at Barrow-in-Furness and leads a team of professional welding engineers and technicians supporting the design, construction and commissioning of nuclear powered submarines for the Royal Navy.

He was elected Chair of a new Trailblazer Employer Group established in 2014 and, to date, has led the group, consisting of employers representing both large and small/medium sized companies, training providers, end point assessment organisations and professional institutions, through successful submission and approval of new "employer led" apprenticeship standards for the welding industry in England.

Mike has also recently joined The Welding Institute Governing Council (read more).

Mike (FWeldI CEng) delivered a presentation which looked into, ‘Trailblazers’ and the ‘apprentice standards for welding.’ His talk covered a background into apprenticeships in relation to the Richard Review 2012 and an explanation of trailblazer apprenticeships, overview of new standards, reasons for and options in relation to apprenticeships, including an insight into funding, the apprenticeship levy and concluded with an overview of apprenticeship standards available to suit your current requirements.

Gene Mathers (FWeldI CEng)

Joining Processes Technical Group Chair and Fellow of The Welding Institute, Gene Mathers (FWeldI CEng) has extensive experience within this field of engineering, demonstrated by over 40 years of experience within industry working in power generation, pipeline, heavy engineering, heavy engineering, nuclear and the pressure vessel fabrication industries. Previous to his current role, Gene worked for NEI-International Combustion Ltd as the company’s Welding and Metallurgy Manager for 7 years, after which he continued on to work as a Quality Manager for 3 years at NEI-International Combustion Ltd, before joining TWI Ltd in 1991 as Manager, School of Welding Technology for 3 years, then continuing on to undertake the position of TWI’s Principal Consultant for 13 years.

Gene’s talk looked at, ‘Electro-Slag Cladding – A Case Study,’ and was a case study-based presentation looking at the of application of electro-slag cladding to an industry project with the talk additionally including an outline of electro-slag welding.

The Welding Institute would like to thank all those who attended our first online Joining Processes Technical Group Meeting and our amazing speakers who delivered in-depth technical presentations drawing from their extensive industry experience!

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