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Welding with Chocolate Goes Digital

24 Jun 2021 10:57 AM | Anonymous

Our newly digitised Welding with Chocolate workshop resource packs have been piloted this month with the students of Linton Heights Year 6 class being the first to test them out!

The 60 year 6 students completed our popular Welding with Chocolate outreach activity which uses chocolate to demonstrate the principles of welding and structural integrity through completion of engineering tasks that mirror the process of welding, including a destructive testing activity.

The introduction of these digital resources are currently being piloted to innovate the process of The Welding Institute’s Younger Members’ Committee delivering their outreach activities, increasing their reach and therefore enabling more students to have the opportunity to participate in these important, fun and engaging early engineering principle based activities. Speaking on the pilot of this new delivery system, chair of our Younger Members’ Committee, Catherine Leahy (Student AWeldI) emphasised the importance of this opportunity, offering the following statement:

“Working with Cambridge LaunchPad to produce the digitised version of our very popular welding with chocolate has been a great way to stay in touch with outreach activities during the pandemic. Even once the pandemic is over, these resource packs will be available for delivery all across the UK, enabling the YMC to reach schools and colleges much further than we usually would. I’m so glad to hear the pilot got the Year 6 students excited and interested in STEM, whilst learning something new about welding. Looking forward to launching the full resource pack in the coming months!”

What did the students think?

Reporting back to our committee on the success of the workshop, Linton Heights Year 6 teacher sent over images and feedback from some of the pupils:

“It was a lot of fun working with chocolate and we would definitely like to do this again (provided we can eat the chocolate!) - Arlo and Sophie Y6”

We would also like to give a special shout-out to all of the amazing pupils who participated and their creative team names which included, The Blue Pandas, The Sausage Dogs!, THE TEAM, The PengWin Team, Chocolate Waffles and Pancakes, Hot Chocolate, Team Winning Bridge and The Choco Warriors.

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