Launching Back-to-Basics Webinars

21 Feb 2022 1:13 PM | Anonymous

We are excited to announce the launch of our new webinar series which will provide insight and an appreciation for core engineering principles, delivered by industry recognised experts.

Our Welding and Joining Processes Technical Group will be the first to introduce a ‘Back-to-Basics’ webinar series covering a range of topics relevant to welding and its associated activities with their first upcoming webinar titled, ‘An Introduction to Steel Metallurgy,’ launching on the 7 April, 2022.

The online event will be held from 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM (UK Time).

About Back-to-Basics

‘Back-to-Basics’ is a webinar series covering a range of topics relevant to engineering. Each of our Technical Groups will be launching their own Back-to-Basics webinars exploring the core and basic engineering principles relevant to their specific industry.

As the ‘Back-to-Basics’ title suggests, these webinars are aimed at those who want to further their understanding of welding technology and the welding industry, whether that be early on in your career or as an appreciation to further your current knowledge.

These CPD qualifying webinars are informal, with the opportunity to ask questions in an allocated Q&A section. They will be given by highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the relevant subject.

Welding and Joining Processes Back-to-Basic Webinars

For the Welding and Joining Processes’ Back-to-Basics webinar series, individual webinars will discuss a variety of subjects such as how the metallurgy of metals affects their weldability and service performance, the applications and limitations of welding processes, design of welded joints, welding quality assurance and mechanical testing.

‘Back-to-Basics: An Introduction to Steel Metallurgy’

The first of these webinars is titled, ‘Back-to-Basics: An Introduction to Steel Metallurgy,’ and will be delivered by the Chair of the Welding and Joining Processes Technical Group, Eur Ing Gene Mathers CEng, FWeldI, on the 7 April 2022, 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM (UK Time).

The webinar will be covering some of the fundamental aspects of the metallurgy of carbon steel, providing a basic understanding of how a carbon steel achieves its required mechanical properties and the effects of varying cooling rates – all significant when we consider the parameters that need to be controlled during welding.

This webinar will set the scene for the follow-on webinar in the Autumn that will be dealing with the weldability of carbon steel and the various types of cracking that may be encountered when things go wrong due to either a lack of knowledge or care.

Meet Our Speaker

Eur Ing Eugene Mathers CEng, MSc, Dip IIM, FWeldI, EWE, IWE

Gene has over 40 years’ industrial experience working in pipeline, power generation, heavy engineering, nuclear and the pressure vessel fabrication industries.

He worked for NEI-International Combustion Ltd. as the company’s welding and metallurgy manager and, latterly, quality manager for some 10 years before joining TWI Ltd in 1991 as manager, school of welding technology. He then moved into the role of principal consultant in the manufacturing services group before taking retirement. Since then, he has provided a welding engineering consultancy service as a private consultant.



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