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Case Study: Tony Hutchings SenMWeldI

31 May 2023 10:00 AM | Anonymous

Tony Hutchings is one of our longest serving Members, having joined in 1963. He talks us through being a Member, why he chose a career in engineering, and what have been his experiences thus far working in the industry.

Brief description/summary about yourself:

My career started in the shipbuilding and repair industry as an apprentice for Harland and Wolff in London. Prior to this, I passed exams to Bridgewater Art and Technical School when I was 11. This then led onto me starting as a design engineer, then pursuing project engineering and management.

After this, I worked in the petroleum refining and chemical industry, and moved onto the offshore oil and gas industry in the UK and overseas. Throughout my career, I have worked for BP, Shell, Fluor Engineering and Bechtel as my main employers; whilst also, engineering enabling me to travel around the world working in Iran, Brunei, Qatar, Aberdeen and London.

Introduction to you and your career in engineering

Why did you choose a career in engineering?

Engineering chose me as I went to a technical school quite early.

Early Professional Membership

When did you join The Welding Institute?

I joined The Welding Institute approximately in the sixties after becoming a Member of IMechE for chartered status.

Current Membership

What have been some of your core involvements with The Welding Institute?

Some of the work I have been involved in includes welding high tensile pressure vessels, which was causing problems, this initially got me interested in welding and metallurgy.

As one of The Welding Institute’s longest serving Members, what are one or two of your fondest memories from being a Member?

One of my fondest memories has been the study of welding and metallurgy as subjects for my Graduate membership of the IMechE via HNC and endorsements.

Future (Membership and Career)

What advice would you give to your younger self, beginning your career in engineering?

I would advise to be more confident in your abilities as proven.

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