World Chocolate Day 2020

7 Jul 2020 8:59 AM | Anonymous

Greenlight 4 Girls, 2019For World Chocolate Day 2020, The Welding Institute would like to highlight our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) outreach activity, ‘Welding with Chocolate’, and the role that it has and continues to play in engaging younger networks of students. It is an excellent way to develop their understanding of the importance of welding as a profession and furthermore the roles that engineers play within society.

The Welding with Chocolate activity was developed in 2007 by Welding Institute Fellow Dr Philippa Moore to be a fun, hands-on experience exploring the principles of welding and mechanical testing. The activity is held as a workshop and involves using chocolate bars to represent a material being welded and a heat source in the form of a bottle filled with hot water to act as a joining mechanism. The aim of the activity is to create a box girder bridge from four chocolate bars welded together. This bridge structure is then destructively tested by adding weights to the mid span of the structure. The results of these destructive tests are then compared to the strength of a single bar.

Since 2007, the Welding with Chocolate activity has proven to be successful in engaging young people with the concept of welding and engineering. Many of The Welding Institute’s Branches have delivered the workshop within their local communities, including within primary and secondary schools and also at engineering and science events, such as the 2014 Big Bang Fair in Glasgow and the Greenlight 4 Girls event at Silverstone in 2019, to name a few examples.

Falling in line with our company aims, promoting engineering careers to young people through our outreach activities is important to The Welding Institute and fun activities such as Welding with Chocolate are an excellent opportunity to allow young people to understand the applications of engineering within society and inspire them to see a place within the industry for themselves.

The Welding with Chocolate workshop provides an excellent opportunity to teach and proactively demonstrate to younger people the profession of engineering and open their minds to the potential of a career in STEM.

Find out more about Welding with Chocolate and how you can get involved for this World Chocolate Day!

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