Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Professional membership benefits
The Welding Institute

Member Benefits and Services

Membership supports your professional development and enhances your career potential.

The Welding Institute has the unique benefit of being part of the TWI group of companies, giving us – and in turn our members – unrivalled access to cutting-edge R&D. TWI also has representatives on many industry standards committees, meaning members can access many current industry standards. 

Our members enjoy access to a vast collection of technical knowledge along with practical support for your continuous professional development. What's more, you become integrated into a network of like-minded professionals.

Membership of the Institute signifies qualities such as integrity, knowledge and competence; it builds the reputation of individuals and fosters trust and capability.

Our members have access to all the technical and regulatory knowledge that they need. Membership makes it easier for you to do your job professionally, serving your employers and customers while achieving your own personal learning and development goals.

With local branches in the UK and across TWI’s global network, the Institute provides a wealth of practical professional support. Information, guidance, training, certification and networking is all available to support our members’ individual development.

Increasing your expertise will make you more professionally capable and give you greater job satisfaction. We provide our members with opportunities to gain and maintain knowledge, competence and capability through continuing professional development.

TWI is also the world’s largest training provider in welding-related disciplines. With over 35 years’ experience as a provider of training and examinations, its qualifications are recognised and sought after globally. As a member of The Welding Institute, you are entitled to five per cent discount on training courses.

For more information visit the TWI Training and Examinations website