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The Welding Institute


Membership Grades

The Welding Institute is the leading professional engineering institution responsible for the professional registration and certification of welding and joining personnel worldwide.

Whether you are a student, apprentice, technician, graduate or engineer, membership of The Welding Institute provides a clear demonstration of your commitment to excellence. 

Becoming a Member will set you apart from your peers and give you both personal and professional prestige.

Four grades of membership are available:

Associate (AWeldI)
Associate membership is open for anyone interested in welding and materials joining.

Technician (TechWeldI)
Technician membership of The Welding Institute is for technicians with knowledge and experience of welding.

Member (MWeldI)
For individuals with a degree in engineering/relevant science and at least of two years’ work experience in a welding, joining or other relevant discipline.

Fellow (FWeldI)
Fellow membership is reserved for esteemed professionals with substantial experience in welding, joining or a related technology.