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Technical Group Meetings – The Welding Institute

What are Technical Group Meetings (TGM)?

Technical group meetings are events arranged and hosted by The Welding Institute as part of a broad range of events promoted by TWI Ltd. There are 8 meetings throughout the year focusing on the following topics:

Structures and Infrastructures 

Joining Processes


Offshore Energy

Pressure and Process Plant

Structural Integrity


NDT and Condition Monitoring

What do Technical Group Meetings involve?

Technical Group Meetings involve industry experts giving presentations and talks on topics within these group categories. They talk about the most recent industry practices, research and standards.

The presentation topics within Technical Group Meetings are chosen to be topical and to encompass the modern interests of professional members and those within industry. They are an excellent opportunity to meet those with a shared interest in technologies and for your own professional development as they give insight into the current and potential future of industry.

Who should attend?

It is a great opportunity to show your employer your commitment to your career as well as being a great opportunity for you, as an employer, to encourage your employees to attend as it is an investment into their career and professional development.

What are the benefits of attending a Technical Group Meeting?

  • Networking opportunities with personnel within the same industry as you
  • Development of your personal knowledge of the topic
  • This knowledge will be up-do-date
  • You can to share your own knowledge with industry experts
  • They are Continuous Professional Development Qualifying events

How can you get involved?

To attend a Technical Group Meeting: Take a look at our Events Page here!

Other ways of supporting Technical Group Meetings: As an Institute, we are very keen to reach as wide an audience as possible. Perhaps you could offer a venue, speaker or demonstration for future events, or perhaps suggest topics that would be of interest to your colleagues? Please get in touch by emailing

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