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Joining Processes Technical Group Meeting - The Welding Institute 

05 MARCH 2021

The Welding Institute hosts a programme of Technical Group Meetings throughout the year as part of a broad range of events promoted by TWI Ltd. They are divided into 8 technical groups focusing on the following topics:

What is the Joining Processes Technical Group?

With almost every fabricated item containing one or more welds, the joining processes technical group (also referred to as TG2) looks at all of the welding processes including arc welding, power beam, resistance and solid phase processes; application and control of welding processes; welding consumables; welding of pressure vessels, piping, structural steel; industrial productivity; automation and robotics; health and safety; computer software; welding applications; management and quality assurance systems; national and international standards; quality control; and acceptance criteria.

This technical group includes talks and presentations from leading industry experts within this field and also involves live Q&A sessions with those speakers.

How will they work this year?

The Welding Institute will be hosting this technical group online this year using a webinar format. The technical group event will also include live Q&A sessions with the speakers and due to the ease of access of the online structure, the events will also be shorter, therefore being more accessible for anyone to attend.

Benefits of attending a Technical Group Meeting:

Alex Robelou Explains what Technical Group Events Involve

TWI Central Project Management (CPM) Section Senior Project Manager and former Joining Processes Technical Group Meeting Secretary, Alex Robelou (TechWeldI EngTech) discusses his role as secretary and the benefits of attending a technical group meeting, including highlighting the new online technical group meeting event, ‘Welding and Repair of High Temperature Plant’ (2021). 

Adrian Addison Explains the Benefits of Attending

TWI’s Arc Welding (AWE) Section Programme Manager and Welding Institute Member, Adrian Addison (MWeldI CEng) discusses the benefits of attending a technical group meeting, including the career and knowledge development opportunities these events offer. 


Industry Expert Speakers

Career Development

Knowledge Share / Networking

How can I attend a Joining Processes Technical Group Meeting?

Find all of our upcoming technical group meetings on our events page, here!

Upcoming Technical Group Events

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